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Gluten free jam? But isn't all jam gluten free!?

Yes but...

Unlike a lot of commercially made jams we only use fruit and sugar. No artificial colouring or strange additives which almost no one can even pronounce let along know what they do!

Home made jam should be pure. For example our Strawberry Preserve is made with strawberries grown in our own garden, lemon, sugar and absolutely nothing else.

So why do we label ours as gluten free as well? Most home made jams are made in kitchens which also handle wheat flour. If you've ever handled flour of any kind you'll know it gets everywhere and what goes up must come down which makes cross contamination a huge risk and as you'll know anything containing gluten over 20ppm is too high for coeliacs. Our jam is home made in our gluten free kitchen completely eliminating any risk of cross contamination so you can rest assured you're eating pure jam with no artificial rubbish and most importantly of all absolutely no gluten, not even a trace amount.